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April 25, 2018

April IACW Quarterly Meeting & IACW/CDC Awards

vax expo

May 23, 2018

VaxExpo 2018

Hepatitis A

January 17, 2018

Jan. IACW Quarterly Meeting – Hep A Preparedness

Virus Magnified

October 27, 2017

Washington Vaccine Update: Presenters’ Slides

The Immunization Action Coalition of Washington (IACW) hosts quarterly coalition meetings and has several ad-hoc workgroups.

In 2020, all of our quarterly meetings will be from 12pm – 2pm check below for dates and stay tuned for registration information. Additionally, each meeting will have a live webinar option that will also be archived if you are not able to meet us in person. Coalition members and participants agree to support IACW’s mission and strength immunization efforts in Washington State that are based on evidence-based guidance from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). Please familiarize yourself with our Code of Conduct prior to attending our meetings.

Contact us to learn more or sign up to receive meeting reminders, minutes, and ad-hoc workgroup calls.

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