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Reluctance to immunize is putting our communities at risk for outbreaks of vaccine preventable disease. Vax Northwest was formed in 2008, recognizing the need for scientifically evaluated interventions promoting vaccine confidence. We are proud to have raised millions of dollars to conduct two major research projects focusing on vaccine hesitancy. Past projects have focused on parents and pediatric providers; we are excited to be developing future work to examine the role of prenatal providers in influencing vaccine decision-making.


Through equitable vaccine access and strengthened motivation for timely vaccinations, Washington state individuals and communities experience improved health and wellbeing.


To facilitate the development, research, implementation, and dissemination of interventions to increase timely and equitable vaccination through local,
national, and international partnerships and the integration of
community voices.

Arrow Arrow Guiding Principles

  • Science-based and evidence informed: Vax Northwest is
    working to find and disseminate effective and equitable
    approaches to increase vaccine acceptance.
  • Work in partnership: Vax Northwest is a unique cross-sector
    partnership that brings together expertise in preventive
    medicine, infectious disease, public health, social marketing,
    health behavior and resources. Partners are a key messenger
    and play an important role in providing a credible and unified
    voice supporting timely vaccination.
  • Act as an incubator: Vax Northwest is uniquely positioned to act as an incubator and/or catalyst for
    vaccination-specific projects and ideas. The Partnership may provide guidance and support to outside
    partners and individual members’
    projects and initiate and propel
    forward collaborative work in
    response to an identified need (as
    funding and capacity allows).
  • Independent of funding from those who manufacture and market vaccines: To remain independent and
    avoid conflict of interest, Vax
    Northwest does NOT accept financial
    support from the pharmaceutical
    industry or other entities that
    manufacture and market vaccines.
  • Health Equity: Vax Northwest commits to centering health equity from incubation and development
    through implementation and dissemination of interventions. The Partnership embraces Targeted
    Universalism and other frameworks to operationalize collaborative projects in an inclusive, equitable,
    and bridging manner. The committee holds external partners and guest speakers to this standard as

The partnership is composed of leadership from six organizations: BestStart Washington, the Washington Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Kaiser Permanente, Seattle Children’s Hospital, the Washington State Department of Health, and WithinReach. WithinReach staffs and supports the partnership, ensuring that it is guided by a clear mission and body of work.

If you are interested in learning more about or getting involved with Vax Northwest, please contact us.

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