Immunization Action Coalition of Washington

Who We Are

Founded in 1994, the Immunization Action Coalition of Washington (IACW) works to improve the health of the community by minimizing the incidence of vaccine-preventable diseases through the optimal use of immunizations across the lifespan.

IACW is a statewide coalition that serves stakeholders across Washington. IACW members represent state and local public health agencies, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, medical assistants, school nurses, health systems, health plans, corporate partners, and more.

What We Do & Our Goals

Star Coalition Building

What is a coalition? In simplest terms, a coalition is a group of individuals and/or organizations with a common interest who agree to work together toward a common goal. IACW builds engagement strategies that leverage the collective voice of our diverse community, population and public health partners to address immunization priorities. We spearhead statewide efforts to enhance systems, policy, infrastructure and resources in support of vaccination

Star Statewide Awareness Building and Support

We provide immunizers with tools and information to implement best practices in providing immunization services. We build public will to support the value of immunizations through education and awareness building in our communities.

Star Community Outreach and Engagement

We educate the public about vaccines and the diseases they prevent and provide immunization stakeholders with opportunities to network, collaborate, and share information about immunization-related news and resources.

Star Public Policy and Advocacy

We advocate for immunization policy in Washington State that is evidence-based, ensures equitable access to immunizations, and protects communities from vaccine-preventable disease.

Get Involved

Please familiarize yourself with our Code of Conduct prior to attending our meetings.

Arrow Arrow Our 2022 IACW Priorities

  • Expand the IACW network to those disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 and other vaccine preventable diseases.
  • Articulate the role of IACW in regional vaccine education, outreach, advocacy, and promotion.
  • Reinforce vaccines as a social norm and focus engagement on populations at higher risk of illness from vaccine preventable diseases.
  • Monitor legislation and advocate for pro-vaccine policies and mobile immunization efforts.

Arrow Arrow Immunization Champion Awards

Immunization champions go above and beyond to promote the importance of immunizations in their communities. Our Immunization Action Coalition of Washington, the Washington State Department of Health, the Association of Immunization Managers and CDC recognize these individuals and their impact through the IACW Advocate, IACW Collaborator and Childhood Immunization Champion awards.

Learn more about Immunization Champion Awards.

Arrow Arrow Code of Conduct

Members and participants agree to support our mission and strengthen immunization efforts in Washington State that are based on evidence-based guidance from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).

The IACW is dedicated to providing a friendly, safe, and welcoming environment for all members and participants regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, ethnicity, religion, or age. Diversity in all its forms is integral to our mission.

We invite all those who participate in the IACW to help us create a safe, positive experience for everyone. All determinations of appropriate or inappropriate behavior are at the sole discretion of the IACW Executive Committee and WithinReach. The following behaviors are requested and expected from all members and participants:

  • Be courteous, respectful, and considerate of fellow members and participants.
  • Encourage a collaborative environment that welcomes diversity.
  • Refrain from harassing, discriminatory or derogatory speech, conduct, and materials.
  • Obtain approval from the IACW prior to distributing materials.

Click here to read our Member and Participant Code of Conduct in full.

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