Winter 2024 IACW Quarterly Meeting

Thank you for joining us at IACW’s Winter 2024 Quarterly Meeting held on February 14, 2024! We are pleased to share the presentation slides from this meeting below.

If you would like to watch the recording of this meeting on YouTube, please click here.

Presentation slides:

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The Immunization Action Coalition of Washington (IACW) hosts quarterly coalition meetings that are open to Coalition members and participants who agree to support our mission and who work to strengthen immunization efforts in Washington State that are based on evidence-based guidance from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).

All coalition meetings are currently being held virtually.

IACW meetings are recorded and presentations are archived on our website. This page will be updated with slides and recording in the two weeks following the meeting conclusion.


Q&A Section:

Audience question for NASHI Immigrants Health Board:

  1. Are there specific vaccines or vaccine-preventable diseases that elicit greater vaccine hesitancy within the Russian-Ukrainian speaking communities?

A helpful section of the EthnoMed article about Ukraine discusses vaccine confidence and low immunization rates in new arrivals. Here is an excerpt: There has been a drastic decline in immunizations in Ukraine since 2009 when the death of a child was incorrectly blamed on the measles-rubella vaccine, fueling anti-vaccine sentiments in the media and public distrust of vaccination (Khetsuriani et al., 2022b). The article is here: Ukrainian – EthnoMed

Sara Podczervinski, RN, MPH

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