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Virus Magnified

Events • October 27, 2017

Washington Vaccine Update


Newsletter • November 1, 2017

November IACW Express

Viral Image Halloween

Newsletter • October 1, 2017

October IACW Express: New Website, Free Resources, & More!

Viral Image Back to School

Newsletter • September 1, 2017

September IACW Express: College Immunization Webinar & Teen Immunization Rates

Adult Vaccines

Newsletter • August 1, 2017

August IACW Express: Happy National Immunization Awareness Month!

New Tool to Visualize Immuniation Data

Newsletter • July 1, 2017

July IACW Express: Your Feedback Needed, meeting July 19, & More!

Going for Hajj or Umrah?

Newsletter • June 1, 2017

June IACW Express: HPV Roundtable, Out Take on Measles, & More

Baby Receiving Vaccine Injection

News • May 30, 2017

As Vaccine Hesitancy Grows, Diverse Stakeholders Must Collaborate

Measles Vaccine Syringe

Blog • May 23, 2017

Measles Outbreak in MN Shows King County is Vulnerable, Too

Viral Image Boating

Newsletter • May 1, 2017

May IACW Express: Our New E-Course on Vaccine Hesitancy & More

Parents with Infant and Toddler in Park

News • May 1, 2017

Training Parents as Immunization Advocates a Promising Approach to Vaccine Hesitancy

Hand Holding Syringe

News • April 12, 2017

Why Vaccine Skeptics Respond Better to Information Than Shaming

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