Pacific Northwest Immunization Roundtable: Meeting #3

Thank you for attending  Meeting #3 (Futures Thinking and Foresight Practice) of the Pacific Northwest Immunization Roundtable Event on March 10, 2022. Please see below for presentations from the event. 

(Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington) and Pacific Northwest immunization partners will convene stakeholders for a series of three 90-minute meetings to promote adult immunizations.

The meetings will focus on building trust in communities and boosting vaccine confidence. Specific topics will include addressing misinformation, clinical vaccine efficacy, motivational interviewing, and future thinking and foresight practice. The meeting series will also provide a networking opportunity for Region 10 community-based organizations, partners, and stakeholders.

Meeting Highlights

Laura Nissen, PhD. Portland State University, Portland, OregoSee presentation    Resource 

Dr Laura Nissen will present on Futures Thinking and Foresight Practice. The presentation will include an overview on Futures Thinking and Foresight Practice and the benefits of proactive thinking and planning. The presentation will also provide participants practical tools relevant to the field of public health. Participants will be invited to apply foresight practice to an example from their own work environment.

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