Pre-Event Checklist: 1-2 weeks


Inventory available medical/vaccine supplies and determine needs (per Clinic Checklist); order accordingly

Ensure supplies identified on Clinic Checklist are arranged (tables, chairs, etc.)

Schedule agency vehicle

Review registration/consent forms and provide any edits

Obtain general supplies (per Clinic Checklist)

Continue communication plan action items

Adapt Registration/Consent Forms and email to partner for review

Identify any needs and communicate to partner for assistance

Make copies of all needed materials (consent forms, educational materials, vaccine information sheets, staff/volunteer evaluations, vaccination station lists, etc.)

Determine if partner will be able to provide bottled water/snacks to volunteers

Assemble vaccination station boxes replete with station supplies

Gather needed supplies into travel totes

Prepare volunteer folders with lanyards/badges/vests

Send check-in email to all volunteers

Continue communication plan action items